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Profilo Italia. Custom home and contract furniture.

Profilo Italia is a company specialised in the design and production of custom furniture solutions for the retail sector, private homes, bars, hotels and restaurants.

We cover every aspect of the projects, delivering turnkey solutions for our clients. We are specialised in producing custom furniture for any room of the house and to do this, we combine our knowledge with your dreams.

Custom home furniture

Empty houses are given a new lease of life with our furniture, which is lovingly crafted down to the very last detail. Even with bespoke solutions.

Contract furniture

We cover every aspect of the contract projects: from choosing the very best materials to producing custom furniture and installing electrical systems.

Fifty years’ experience producing bespoke Italian furniture.

Profilo Italia, previously a small family-run carpentry business, was established in 1960 in the province of Padua, Italy. We stand for a bespoke, finely crafted production that combines tradition and technology: we have introduced a milling software programme that starts from 3D models, so production is leaner and quicker.

We also have extensive experience working on foreign projects, bringing us into contact with different cultures and styles and therefore allowing us to integrate local tradition with innovation. What started as a small local business has become an organised company which is also highly competitive on the international market.

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