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About us

Profilo Italia, previously a small family-run carpentry business, was established in 1960 in the province of Padua, Italy. Over the years, it has specialised in the design and production of custom furniture solutions for the retail sector, private homes, bars, hotels and restaurants.

Traditional craftsmanship and technology are the two cornerstones the company lives by to deliver design furniture and provide technical support for working designs. The result is a complete and highly competitive range of superior products.

Nicola and his team follow every project personally, from the initial consultation through to the very last detail, and enjoy a direct, open relationship with all their clients to ensure their individual needs are understood and met.

Thanks to its extensive experience working on projects abroad, Profilo Italia has a range of different styles in its portfolio and this has enabled the company to broaden its know-how, offering a wider range of products and also opening a branch in France.


In our work we have always remained faithful to a number of principles, from the time we were a small carpentry business to today with our well-organised and structured company.


Thanks to our team of partners, our clients can refer to us for every aspect of their project. We are involved right from the beginning, listening carefully to our clients’ needs for their contract and residential projects and delivering them.
We choose only the very best materials and work with experts in the furnishing and design sector, including interior designers, technical studios and visual merchandisers, to offer a complete, all-round service. We coordinate every aspect of the project, respecting the budget and delivery times.

High-tech craftsmanship

Thanks to our experience in the carpentry and woodworking business, we are able to deliver bespoke, finely crafted products which combine meticulous attention to detail with the latest technologies. We have improved our production process by introducing a milling software programme that starts from 3D models, so production is leaner and quicker while still preserving our passion for handcrafted wood. This enables us to create top quality products.

Know-how and expertise

Thanks to fifty years’ experience producing bespoke Italian furniture, along with the passion of our craftsmen, we have developed unique know-how which enables us to satisfy any request for superior furniture. We also have extensive experience working on foreign projects, bringing us into contact with different cultures and styles and therefore allowing us to integrate local tradition with innovation. What started as a small local business has become an organised company which is also highly competitive on the international market.